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I'm your IT Specialist. My Mission? Help you find the simplest and most functional solution for your most complex IT problems!

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The IT tools have for years been part of our daily life. Computers, Servers, NAS, Laptops, Smartphones, Web sites have become indispensable tools for working and communicating. Like all professional tools it is not enough just to "buy" good products, but it is also important to buy the right products for our needs and keep them "efficient" to work better with minimum effort!

My Mission is to be by your side providing you the IT consultancy necessary to choose the best tools for your work, helping you to use them to increase your productivity while minimizing stress and wasting of time.

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Your Trusted Guide in the Technology's Maze

With my brand AmazeTech I'm by your side to assist you in finding and developing IT solutions allowing you to simplify and automate your work processes. Technological tools in good shape are the best way to increase your productivity by saving precious time.

COVID-19 Emergency Management Tools

What tools do you need to implement smart working in your company? What programs, applications and platforms can you use to collaborate with your team quickly, efficiently, and safely? Contact me for a personalized coaching session on how to choose and use tools for video conferencing, time management, project management and much more increasing your work quality.

Not a Business User?

Are you a Computer Home User and need help to optimize your PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone or Smart Home Devices? No problem! Contact me. Let's find together the best solutions for your "technological headache".

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Follow Me on Instagram and stay updated on last news, latest works and computer upgrades. See first-hand how many customers revive their Smart Devices and get the best from it.

Tailor-made Web Pages

Do you need a Landing page or a captivating website for personal or business use? Contact me and let's discuss together which Design and Style can represent You or your Business.

Working for and with the Best IT Service Partners!

In my daily activities, I have the privilege to work with Top-Class IT Service Providers as Hemmersbach, IBM, Wipro, Accenture,, ProofTech and other great IT Professionals. Working with them and for them is always stimulating and professionally rewarding.

Upgrade Hardware

Often small hardware upgrades are enough to revive your old computer. RAM, HDD, SSD upgrades. I can help you choose the best upgrade to boost your computer performance.


LAN and WIFI networks configuration and installation. Through an analysis of the structure of your network, I can help you improve your browsing experience.

Web Sites

The Internet has become an essential showcase to make your profession and your business known to a wide audience. I can create a modern and engaging website for you.

Protect Your Data

Often we realize how important a backup is when our precious data are lost! I can help you choose the best solution to protect and recover your important data.

These are just some IT Services where I can assist you with.

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